Welcome Message

Welcome Message from Conference Chair

International Conference on Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies is recognized as a leading peer reviewed international forum centred on advanced mechanical, manufacturing & design themes. This is an annual event since 2010, aimed to provide a common platform for specialists working in mechanical and manufacturing industries and academic institutions as well as R&D organizations to come together for interaction and exchange of their ideas. The conference attracts global academicians, government and industry researchers, engineers, students and leaders in manufacturing to interact with each other and advance the field. Also, this conference is featured with peer-reviewed papers, keynotes, special opportunities for networking and collaboration, and recognition of research implementations. Participants from academia, R&D organizations and industries are invited to submit research papers on themes: advances in mechanical, manufacturing and Industry 4.0. The industry participants are also invited to submit short case studies on their R&D activities that will be of immense benefit to the researchers in the field.
The objective of ICMIMT 2022 has always been bringing together a large group of researchers, scientists, academics and engineers in the field of Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies from all over the world, who share much more than technical interests, among other things, culture and history. It provides a high-standard international forum between academic and industry in Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies and facilitates improvement on manufacturing competencies with high throughput and quality. I and the organizing committee express heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the members of the international program committee who have given their help and expertise on referring the papers and chair the technical sessions during the conference. I also extends sincere thanks to all the authors for partipating and maintaining the high standards required for an international conference. We truly believe that all the participants will find the discussion fruitful and seize the opportunities for setting up future collaborations. I also invite all the acdemicians and researchers from all over the world to this beautiful city, Cape Town and I am sure that all partipants will return home with cherished memories and enriched knowledge.

With our warmest regards,
Prof. Ramesh Kuppuswamy, University of Cape Town, South Africa